Severo Grinding Cups

To combine the highest quality standards for medicine grinding with maximum safety for personnel and patients, the Severo cups are produced from the highest quality food grade polypropylene. The cups are are able to withstand grinding of the hardest medication without leaving any kind of plastic residues, phtalates or other contaminations. To guarantee safety for patients at all times, the Severo cups are annually tested and certified for quality and purity.

Article code: MED001

Minimum order quantity: 1 box of 2100 pieces. Price per box: €85,36 (excl VAT)

Severo Grinding Sheets (Rondels)

The Severo Rondels are extra durable cellophane sheets that prevent direct contact of the grinding head with the medication during grinding. The use of rondels keeps the Severo pill grinder clean and ready for direct re-use at all times. The use of rondels is recommended as it saves cleaning time and eliminates the risk on cross contamination for patient and nurse.

Article code: MED003

Minimum order quantity: 1 box of 2100 pieces. Price per box: €24,95.

Severo Cup Lids

The Severo cup lids are ideal for minimizing spills and contamination risks during grinding and medication rounds. After grinding simply close the grinding cups with the cup lids and the medication can safely be handled by personnel and distributed to patients without having to worry about spills.

Article code: MED002

Minimum order quantity: 1 box of 2000 pieces. Price per box: €81,40.