Swallowing gel

  • Eases the intake of tablets and powders
  • Quick passage of medication through the throat
  • No negative effect on uptake of medication by the body
  • Suitable for all patients
  • Free from sugar, lactose, alcohol, gluten and other most common allergenic substances
swallowing gel render


The expression that something is “a hard pill to swallow” isn’t just a metaphor. Swallowing pills can be difficult, unpleasant and even downright painful for many people. Some people have a natural aversion to swallowing pills, especially elders, while other have physical issues affecting their ability to take in oral medication.

The medical term for swallowing problems is dysphagia. Dysphagia cuts across so many disease- and age groups that its true prevalence is often underestimated. It’s estimated that 22% of all adults above the age of 50 up to 68% for residents in long-term care settings suffer from a difficulty of swallowing – a number growing larger with our aging population.

In cooperation with the faculty of Food & Biobased Research of the reputable University of Wageningen, we’ve developed the Severo Swallowing Gel; with the aim to ease the oral intake of tablets, capsules and powders for this vulnerable group.

The gel encapsulates the medication, allowing it to effortlessly pass the larynx while simultaneously masking its bitter taste. After swallowing, the gel quickly dissolves in the stomach, this way minimizing the efficacy and uptake of active ingredients by the body. The practical bottle with dose pump makes it ideal for use at home or in any type of care facility. In addition, the gel contains no sugar, alcohol or any common allergenic substances – making it suitable for anyone.

"The swallowing gel makes it considerably easier to take medication. The gel easily mixes with the medication and can be swallowed up in one bite. Because the gel is delivered in a dosing system, you always have the same amount and no loss of gel. The gel is also a godsend for clients with swallowing problems!"
Argina Rotink
Team Coach at Talma Haven, Urk, The Netherlands

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